Bit by bit we evolve, getting better and better every day.


It’s been a long road, but it’s been a pleasure to do it together.



Denmark, one of the biggest success stories of Scandinavia.

Denmark plans to make the country a Down- syndrome-free perfect society, aiming to be completely free of Down syndrome around 2030. Many other governments of the EU announce similar plans to increase ­public funding of development of human-­assisted evolution.

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Richard Dawkins


The legacy of Richard Dawkins: ability to to like a machine, rationally and logically.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins states the facts: children with Down syn­drome are ­burden to the parents and unable to live a ­decent life. Some people oppo­se his views, but even in 2014 over 90% of the parents choose abortion in the case of Down syndrome. The tide has ­finally turned: the freedom ­of choice finally becomes ­completely unquestionable value in the Western countries.

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The National Genome Strategy of Finland


The Finnish National Genome Strategy

Finland applies the national genome strategy which has been in development for years. Budget of the strategy is 300 million euros. As the strategy proves to be a major success, the budget is later tripled.

The foundation of FinnChoice


The high tower of FinnChoice

Along with a major re-­organization of public health care of Finland, FinnChoice Inc. is founded. It will be responsible for the research of know-how of all the technologies to detect anomalies of embryos. In 10 years FinnChoice becomes the “new Nokia” of Finland, exporting its expertise to over 50 countries all over the world.

Artificial semination


A doctor explaining a couple details of the artificial insemination.

About 39% of the Western couples have difficulties to conceive a child. Particularly fertility of the Western men has ­decreased considerably, forcing many governments to provide free artificial insemination. In addition, it offers economical way for selection: simply choose the embryo with the best characteristics!

Autism spectrum



The ­researchers of ­FinnChoice ­finally map the genome ­causing autism ­spectrum ­syndromes. Soon ­after this breakthrough, 43% of citizens of EU choose to screen for the ­syndromes. In 2052 there is 50% less ­children ­suffering from the ­syndromes in EU.



StraighFix, one of the major achievements of FinnChoice

FinnChoice launches the StraightFix vaccination desig­ned for expecting mothers. It decreases ­probability to have a homosexual child with 76%. In 2038, 43% of pregnant mothers chose the vaccine in EU. The most common reason is wishing for grandchildren: only 23% of homosexuals will have children. Naturally, the greatest demand for the vaccine is in Africa, where 99% would want to use it if they can ­afford it.




FinnChoice helps the government of Gosetho to resolve the ever-worsening problem of male infertility, caused by the ­booming mining ­industry that has made the country one of the richest in Africa. ­FinnChoice provides Gosetho’s public health care the best artificial insemination technology available with optional selection packages. Gosetho becomes the greatest success story of FinnChoice´s history.

The new era of cloning


The Cloning Program of FinnChoice

Technology is finally ready and all the taboos are questioned: FinnChoice becomes the first cloning ­service provider in the world. With the patented technology, we can provide you a child that is an accurate copy of yourself – till the last gene!