Showcase: The Success in Africa


This article is a brief introduction FinnChoice's success in Africa, casting light on history of the continent, regarding advanced germinal technologies. Despite of some significant improvement in various areas over the decades, countries of Africa are still far behind when compared with the developed countries. On the pursuit of happiness, prosperity and perfection Africa needs assistance of the other countries, organizations and companies. FinnChoice have been among the first companies which has helped African countries by providing services, expertise and technology to improve quality of life of the African people. FinnChoice has worked with several African countries over the decades, but the paramount of all cases is Gosetho, which is also FinnChoice's greatest achievement not just in Africa, but overally regarding whole history of the company.


For children in sub-Saharan Africa the rates have improved by 56%, but there is a disparity between literacy for boys and girls. (Copyright: FinnChoice Inc.)Quite many African countries have shown growth despite the global recession of 2010’s, and many African countries are rapidly graduating from low income to middle income status. At the end of 2020’s Gosetho became Africa’s no. 1 developed country after the socialist DKP party rose to power. The newly established socialist government managed to clean up corruption and nepotism. Over many decades this has been a wide-spread vice even in the most developed African countries; the practice among those with power of favoring relatives or friends, ensuring that power and money have remained among few wealthy groups at the top of the society. Although some critics in the West condemned DKP's government for its restrictions on freedom of speech, and also criticized some undemocratic elements of the new constitution, the government was also praised for the fact it fairly shared the wealth gained from country’s vast natural resources, thus improving life of ordinary citizens of Gosetho. In addition to the greedy nepotism, previous leaders weren’t interested in helping the local mining industry to improve its methods. For decades the industry suffered for lack of technology and were only able to mine using obsolete machinery. DKP's was much more open-minded to improvements and worked together with the mining industry in order to collect more fruits from the rich soil of Gosetho.


The increased mining of rare metals using state-of-the-art technology boosted economy of the country in the 2030’s. At the same time the government managed to considerably decrease corruption and tackled organized crime successfully. The rise of mining industry created full employment and Gosetho had to also use some immigrant labour from neighboring countries to keep the wheels in motion. However, soon the country faced a serious problem: fertility of the Gosetho’s men deteriorated rapidly, particularly among the workers of the mining industry. By the end of 2028 56% of Gosetho’s families required assisted reproductive technology in order to conceive a child. Even though Gosetho was among the wealthiest countries of Africa, they lacked technology and expertise of this area, making them seek help from the Western countries. This is how they eventually found FinnChoice. After negotiations co-operation began in 2037. FinnChoice became the first Western company providing an African country the complete package, including all kinds of germinal technology solutions that have yet been developed.


Years before the deal with FinnChoice, Gosetho's government established very exemplary public health care system. While other African countries have managed to implement only some elements of the European health care model, Gosetho succeeded to reach nearly one-to-one correspondence, especially in the areas of genetic engineering. The government even named the guidance centre of children after the Finnish word "neuvola" (in English child health centre, place for regularly check development of a growing child), and the word was quickly adopted even into vocabulary of the ordinary people. Since then the Gosethoans have been were proud of their own neuvola-system, government funded, public institution that concentrates on our future – the best of the children. In addition to vaccinations and ordinary prevention of diseases, the system also provides possibility to use germinal choice technology to fulfil all expectations of the parents. Especially in Africa this means extensive use of StraightFix vaccination. In 2040 Gosetho became the first African country that offers it free for everyone.


Tuguado, Gosetho. 2049. (Copyright: FinnChoice Inc.)Discrimination of the homosexuals is not accepted in the West, but offering the parents free option of their children’s sexuality isn't discrimination. That is their absolute right, although the Western people don't use this opportunity as often as the African people – if they can afford it or have a free access to it. There is no denying all existing humans are equal no matter their race, gender, sexuality or any other characteristics. As the great philosophers of 2020's put it, ”the existence of a human being is not a right in itself". We do not discriminate nor we accept such behavior, but a "person" who doesn't yet exist cannot this right which only applies to humans who walk among us. The social issue of discrimination is something to be left for the citizens of Gosetho. The Western countries have learned from the mistakes of colonization and would no longer intervene to the cultural evolution of the African countries. We may not agree with all preferences of others, but more importantly we share the same goal to build our societies better, nurturing beauty, harmony and progress. Each culture begins the journey towards perfection with a different set of cards, but the ultimate goal is the same: we all want the best of the children. Even in the early 2000's some philosophers and bioethicists who were ahead of their time could see this common common goal. For instance, Australian philosopher and bioethicist Julian Savulescu stated decades ago how "as a species, we have a moral obligation to enhance ourselves". In different cultures it may mean different things, and in Gosetho it just happens to be decreasing numbers of sexual minorities. As we know, for the sexual minorities Africa is one of the worst places to live, which renders the deselection also as compassionate prevention of suffering. In the West we may not agree with the Africans nor we may not want to do the same, but we must respect the way the Gosethoans want to enhance themselves and help them to reduce suffering. And after all, the freedom of choice – whether its a choice of individual or a nation – is the most fundamental value in the world. The ultimate integrity of FinnChoice lies in our mission to help all clients to reach maximum possible freedom and control over its own destiny.


The article is part of the anniversary articles published within the celebration of the successful 30 years of Finnchoice Inc. At the moment article is only available in English. Translations in other languages will follow soon.