Ectogenesis is an artificial uterus in which a human embryo is able to grow and born without any complications and suffering caused by the old-fashioned pregnancy. According to the statistics it is much more safer way for a child go through the pregnancy: it decreases considerably the risk of miscarriage and brings many other benefits, such as freeing mothers morning sickness and other unpleasant phenomena of the old-fashioned pregnancy. In ectogenesis an embryo can develop in a safe, totally controlled environment, supplying all the nutrients and oxygens with greater efficiency than the deprecated, violent and highly unpleasant "natural" delivery. If something goes wrong during the ectogenesis procedure, our skilled geneticists are immediately alerted, which guarantees unmatched safety no other method can provide. Ectogenesis also offers a means by which homosexuals and single men could have genetic offspring without the use of a surrogate mother, and allow any women to have children without going through the pregnancy cycle.

The only downside of the technology at the moment lies in some of its rather pricy elements, unfortunately making it unavailable for many customers. Ectogenesis is already in use on our Cloning Program, but we work hard to provide it with affordable price in the future. We already do research in order to find alternative ways to execute it, eliminating expensive solutions and replacing them with more economic equivalents.