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Along with a major re-organization of public health care of Finland, FinnChoice Inc. was founded in 2023 to be responsible for the public prenatal screening for the Finns. What was originally for the Finns, became over the years much more: the best company in the world in its field, providing the best prenatal selection technology and know-how all over the world. Now in 2050’s we provide expert knowledge and help about the prenatal options in over 30 countries all over the globe.

Now can choose – and not only when it comes to health or sickness. If the parents want a heterosexual child who is more likely to provide them grandchildren, they have the right to choose. The same goes vice versa, a lesbian couple has the right to choose a girl if that is their choice. Everyone has the right to choose as long as they accept the fact others may choose differently because of their individual values. And when the parents have chosen, the child becomes tremendously wanted. The selection is also the right of the child: every child deserves to be a wanted child.